Comparing Products

Product Summary

Dual-Band and multi-system radio equipped with industry leading audio, color display, public safety ergonomics, and advanced features including Overthe-Intranet (OTIP) programming..


  • Mixed protocol operation (Phase 1 & 2, SmartNet®/ SmartZone®, FM Analog)
  • 2048 channels
  • Mixed protocol zones
  • P25 Authentication (Link Layer Authentication)
  • P25 IP packet data
  • GPS AVL data (requires external GPS receiver)
  • MDC-1200 & GE-Star signaling
  • Conventional vote scan
  • Dash mount
  • Remote mount
  • Dash mount with remote control head
  • Dual control heads (option)
  • Internal or external speaker
  • Fixed control station
  • Encryption
    • ARC4 software encryption; compatible with Motorola ADP
    • P25/TIA defined: AES-256
    • DES-OFB
    • Over-the-Air-Rekeying (OTAR)
    • VK5000 or Motorola KVL3000/KVL4000 Keyloaders