ESI Paging Products

Whether it's to dispatch emergency personnel or for employee business notification, pagers can instantly notify anyone for quicker response times and more streamlined customer service. Paging systems have proven to be both a highly reliable and a cost-effective method that helps eliminate the risk of missed communication when people are counting on it the most.

These systems vary in complexity from a simple analog tone and voice to simple numeric or alphanumber displays.  In addition, Electronic Specialties, Inc. can provide reliable wireless text messaging to your Smart Phones, Alphanumeric Pagers, and LED sign boards. Whether you require paging software, an on-site campus paging system, wireless remote control, Electronic Specialties can help you in the decision making process in determining what will work for you best. Our service continues long after the initial sale. Need your equipment serviced? Need to switch models? Our experienced staff can help you with any of your needs.