ESI Business Phone System Products

Electronic Specialtes, Inc. sells NEC phones systems.  Your employees are the most valuable aspect of your business.  Let Electronic Specialties, Inc. make them more productive from day one.

10 Business Benefits for a NEC Phone System from Electronic Specialties, Inc.

  1. Lowers your costs.  Powerful communications for a small business budget
  2. Increases your productivity.  Sophisticated solution, simple to use
  3. Excellent remote/home office capabilities.  Office level functionality from your remote/home office
  4. Future-proofs your business.  Value for your money and tailored to your needs
  5. Improves customer service.  A solution to help you be more responsive and effortlessly boost your customer’s experience
  6. Keeps you up-to-date effortlessly.  Never miss a thing with easy access to key information
  7. Stay connected from anywhere on site.  DECT wireless handsets keep you in touch with colleagues and customers
  8. Simplifies Administration.  System features and applications to make management easier
  9. Remain reachable on the road.  Carry your office number with you using Mobile Extension or uMobility
  10. Reach crucial business decisions faster. Conferencing provides convenient options for meetings