ESI Broadband Wireless Services

Electronic Specialties, Inc. services, maintains and sells a wide variety of microwave equipment from the following manufacturers:

Andrew supports the emerging mobile society, and the companies that make this today's reality, with a comprehensive portfolio of complete wireless solutions including Communications Products, Communication Systems Products, Fiber Optic Cable Products, Global Messaging Service, Gyroscope and Navigation Systems, In-Building Wireless Communications, Network Products, Wireless Telephone Accessories, Joint Venture Fiber Optic Telecommunications, 2 GHz System Relocation.

Exalt microwave radios are designed to allow mobile operators to deploy a single system that will allow them to easily and cost-effectively scale capacity for any TDM to IP migration plan. The Exalt microwave product portfolio provides operators with a range of frequency, configuration and protocol options to support that migration plan at just about any site.

Redline's Virtual Fiber™ wireless business access solutions extend business applications such as Virtual Private Network (VPN), Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN), Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking and Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) to areas where fiber installatioin is cost prohibitive. With fiber over-the air-performance, superior security, simple setup, rock-solid reliability, and scalable performance options, Virtual Fiber™ solutions equipped with MetroLINK software let telecom service providers quickly deploy fiber-speed services to all business customers.