2-Way Radio Repair Service

Electronic Specialties, Inc. offers component level trouble shooting of most major brands of two-way radios at a competitive price. Our repair lab is staffed with 4 qualified/experienced RF technicians.  Each technician has 10 years or more experience in the two-way radio industry.  We have the most experienced, knowledgeable staff in the area.

It doesn’t matter if you bought the equipment from us or someone else.  If you want your equipment repaired quickly and correctly, just ship it or bring it in to Electronic Specialties, Inc.  We understand our customer’s desire for cost-effective repairs with a fast turnaround time.  We maintain a large inventory of replacement components to keep equipment down time to a minimum. Our reasonable hourly rates eliminate bloated charges that result from flat rate repairs and we will provide an estimate anytime cost-effectiveness comes into question.  If you purchase a radio from Electronic Specialties to replace a non-repairable unit all service fees are waived.  We record all repair actions by equipment serial number which allows us to keep a detailed history on every item that we service and enables our customer service team to accurately relay your repair information to you. 

We have technicians on call 24/7 to restore critical communications systems when they matter most.  Our technicians go through a rigorous training process before they are ever sent into the field and are part of our continuous improvement process which keeps them updated to the changing requirements of the wireless industry.  We understand the needs of our customers and work very hard to anticipate and preempt any communications outages.

Electronic Specialties, Inc. works with customers to provide the best wireless solution at the most cost effective price. With our Engineering and Project Managers we can build the solution that best fits your specific needs, not just an out of the box solution. We can also integrate with your current wired equipment to bring you the benefits of wireless without throwing out your current equipment!