UHF Repeater Service

ESI-Talk:  Networked UHF Trunked Digital Two-Way Radio System

If you run a fleet or business that can benefit by push-to-talk services, you should give us a call.  Finally, a digital communication system built for business! The ESI-Talk system is an all-digital system covering north central Iowa and southern Minnesota providing seamless automatic roaming. Take the often-abused cellular phone out of your employee’s hands. Replace cellular with ESI-Talk and get business done more efficiently and cost-effectively. ESI-Talk securely communicates only with other ESI-Talk units in your business. No more unwanted calls from outside your company!  ESI-Talk helps you stop worrying about communication so you can focus on improving operations and making money.  Nationwide options also available. 




UHF Community Repeater Service

Electronic Specialties, Inc. owns and operates over 50 UHF community two-way radio repeater sites across north central Iowa.  Users can use these site for a very reasonable fee.  The cost is based on a flat yearly fee for unlimited number of radios and unlimited talk time.  The system offers a one to many conversation.

ESI UHF Repeater Sites